Teaching Methods

When you come study with us, you can expect a combination of teaching methods that are all supposed to maximize your learning experience at the Department of Social Security Studies.

While each and every lecturer still gets to set his/her own preferences you will see a mixture of:

  • Interactive-lecturing
  • Exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Study tours
  • Presentations
  • Case-studies

We want you to have the best learning experience at our University and therefore believe it is important that

  • We provide enough room for students to bring in and critically reflect on their own experience
  • You get to practice and apply the knowledge learned
  • You have sufficient time for exchange with lecturers and your fellow students
  • We make the best use of your time by allowing you to complete part of your studies online

Especially when you go online during the 2nd semester, we are committed to:

  • Ensure that even students from countries with less performing internet connections can successfully participate
  • Create sufficient possibilities for students and lecturers to interact
  • Adequately prepare you as well as each lecturer for the eLearning phase
  • Tap into the knowledge of our own eLearning Unit as well as partner with institutions that exclusively focus on optimising the learning environment for students coming from an international and diverse group
“We offer a modern, well-equipped technical infrastructure, many services and tools which enable you to access learning content, to communicate and work together online.”
Ms. Susanne Kundmüller-Bianchini