7 Group and Individual Coaching

Objectives: The module Group and Individual Coaching is designed as a personal counselling process focusing on finding a Master Thesis topic that fits the content of the MBA programme as well as the academic and practical interested of the students. This should also enable students to identify and understand which kind of work is suitable for them, their major strengths and weaknesses areas to develop, and their short and long-term career goals following the Anglo-Saxon PDP approach (Personal Development Planning).

Academic coaches with relevant expertise in coaching and work will support the students to achieve their own academic and personal goals while studying this MBA program.


The content of this module is goal-oriented towards successful completion of the Master Thesis and aims at:

  • Furthering academic writing skills

  • Identifying individual, interpersonal skills, and personal attributes, as well major strengths & areas for development

  • Taking into account educational achievements & qualifications, work experience, and extra-curricular and leisure activities

  • Reflectively analysing on labour market competition and career consequences giving advice regarding individual needs

The module includes intensive counseling sessions and the course “How to write a master thesis”. This course aims at making students familiar with the research process and the various steps involved in that process. This course is essential for preparing the students to undertake their own research project (master thesis).