Business planning simulation

Didactic and teaching
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Philip Weidmann, Marc Ziegler, Bachelor Students (B.A.)

The TOPSIM – General Management II simulation is a sophisticated, general and up-to-date business planning simulation. It deals with all the areas of a business ranging from manufacturing to purchasing, personnel planning, research and development, and marketing and sales, as well as topics such as product life cycles, staff training, productivity, rationalisation, environmental aspects, and the share price and value of the business.

The simulation enables users to experience at first hand the nexus of interrelationships in the business, in particular the conflicting goals which are part and parcel of managing a business. It not only conveys and consolidates business management knowledge, it also promotes team work within the group of people using it since they have to act as the "Board of Directors" and account for their decisions and the results of their business. It provides training in how to handle information and make decisions. TOPSIM – General Management II is particularly appropriate for providing instruction in joined-up economic thinking and action and strategic business management.