"Codeshare Teaching and Learning" DAAD International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC) Project

The IVAC program of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is funding projects which, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, take up the challenge of systematically deepening international university cooperation and designing it with new mobility patterns. The implementation of Virtual Exchange is the key to an interactive and cooperative bridge to the world.

The Codeshare Teaching and Learning Project is a digital learning concept connecting students internationally. Following the principle of a codeshare flight where multiple airlines share the same plane and code, partner universities offer joint courses connecting students from around the world. The project courses create a truly global learning environment in which students gain intercultural communication skills required in today´s international business world. 

Prof. Ralf Meyer, Prof. Daniel Agyapong, online lecturer, Zoom Meeting
Prof. Agyapong & Prof. Meyer

Successful pilot project with the University of Cape Coast

The project was initiated by Prof. Dr. Ralf Meyer of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (H-BRS) and Prof. Dr. Daniel Agyapong from the University of Cape Coast (UCC). Starting with a team project comparing the use of mobile payments in different countries in 2019, students from Ghana and Germany worked in groups to write a joint paper in their finance classes.  

Following this initial pilot project, Prof. Agyapong visited Germany, held guest lectures and evaluated the project progress with H-BRS students. Vice versa, Prof. Meyer visited Cape Coast to get to know the university and meet Ghanaian students. 

In the context of H-BRS and UCC´s 3-year BET-Project, a dedicated elective course was offered at both universities in 2019, focussing on building expertise in the consumer goods and food processing industry in Ghana.

Subsequent to the successful support of the BET-Project, the scope of the Codeshare courses was broadened to allow more students to participate. Prof. Agyapong and Prof. Meyer established the elective course “Current Topics in Global Finance”, which by now has already been completed by more than 60 students.

DAAD funding and Summer Semester 2021 course offers

Following the successful application for funding under the DAAD IVAC program, the "Codeshare Teaching and Learning" project is granted the support of 91.000 Euro for the period of one year.

In March and April 2021, two project courses were launched. In addition to the already established elective curse "Current Topics in Global Finance", Prof. Ralf Meyer developed the course "Social Impact Investing", focussing on effective altruism and the analytical assesment of social investments. Students will receive 3 credits for succesful participation.

With around one hundred participating students from five partner universities in four countries, the "Codeshare Teaching and Learning" project sets a new benchmark for the cooperation between international students and institutions.

Informationsgrafik zu den Inhalten der einzelnen Projektphasen im Codeshare Teaching and Learning Projekt

List of the project courses in Summer Semester 2021

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Meyer (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)

Content: Financial donations and altruistic contributions as investments into social endeavours. Topics include best-practices of the social impact investing landscape, effective altruism, development of student´s own individual philanthropic strategies and their application in non-profit organizations.

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Agyapong (University of Cape Coast), Prof. Dr. Meyer (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)

Content: Impact of distinctive aspects of global and emerging economies finance on financial management practice and strategy. Topics include digital finance, global health finance, crypto assets, changing trends in global finance and lessons learned from the financial crisis.


Statement from a former course participant

"The course exposed me to a perspective of finance that is technologically adaptive, culturally inclusive, and relatively more evolved. I also made great friends and gained refreshing insights into other cultures and communities."
Senanu Dekpo-Adza, course participant from Ghana

Codeshare Teaching and Learning Summer School 2021

From July 26 until August 20, 2021 a digital Summer School with up to eight courses from five different partner universities will be offered. Students from the international partner universities will be able to choose the amount of courses they wish to attend. The courses will cover the main topics of "Finance" and "Digital Business Environment".

We will soon publish all information about the Summer School here.

International project partners

University of Cape Coast - Ghana

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Daniel Agyapong, Osman Issah Fuseini

South Eastern Finland University of Applied Science - Finland

Contact person: Dr. Mikhail Nemilentsev

Hochschule Koblenz RheinAhr Campus

Contact person: Jens Andreas Faulstich

Other current project partners:

Coastal Carolina University


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