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Department of Management Sciences

Programme for Excellence

Development Programme for especially high-achieving students


Our programme offers students the opportunity to apply for a special two-semester development programme. In each case the best students taking the Bachelor courses are selected. The precondition for applying is having achieved a very high standard at school and in one's university studies to date. The selection procedure also scrutinises other abilities: this involves the applicants speaking without notes on a subject that is outside their area of study and demonstrating their level of general education in an interview.

The excellence programme is focused on providing the best possible support and it therefore aligns itself with other sponsorship schemes for gifted people, such as the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (German Study Foundation). Participation in the "Programme for Excellence“ involves:

  • Evening discussion events with managers from a variety of industries
  • Applicant's seminar: Self-assessment, employment market and job search,

Application documents, interview, assessment centre

  • Seminars: Business Behaviour and Intercultural Communication
  • Field-trips to visit companies in the region
  • Visits to museums
  • One-to-one coaching


„The "Programme for Excellence" tuition, in particular the "Business Behaviour" and "Intercultural Communication between Germany and China" seminars as well as the applicants' seminar provided me with excellent preparation for the work experience placement in China that I wanted to secure. The networking of high-performing students and the intensive interaction between those taking part and the alumni of the programme and the university staff who provided support convinced me of its worth. I was delighted to take part in this programme. ”

Moritz Schlageter (BA), - graduate of the "Business Adminis

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