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Centre for Teaching Development and Innovation (ZIEL)

Vision Curriculum Desgin and Accreditation

The competence-oriented conception and further development of degree programmes ensures the future viability and quality of the degree programmes offered at H-BRS.

Our vision:

The Curriculum Design and Accreditation team advises the departments on the didactic, organisational and legal framework conditions of degree programmes and their accreditation.

The team facilitates and supports curriculum design processes and promotes links with other higher education didactic services offered by ZIEL.

The team processes data from higher education statistics and evaluation in relation to degree programmes.

The team supports the integration of inter-university, interdisciplinary courses into the curricula of the degree programmes.

The team provides impulses for the ongoing quality development of the degree programmes at H-BRS.


Katja Kluth sta 20151006  (DE)

Katja Kluth

Aide to the Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Further Education/Consultant for Curriculum Design and Accreditation


Sankt Augustin


E 249


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin