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Bryan Frey, Applied Biology

For the double degree specialising in immunology, he went to H-BRS's Scottish partner university, the University of Aberdeen. Bryan Frey has been studying on the Master's degree programme in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Heidelberg University since 2015. - What he liked most about the Rheinbach Campus, in addition to the in-depth education, was the international flair with many students from all over the world.
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Bryan Frey wrote this experience report during his Bachelor's degree programme with us.

"My name is Bryan Frey, I'm in my fifth semester of Applied Biology and I'm currently doing a year abroad at the University of Aberdeen with the aim of gaining a double degree. I have decided to specialise in Genetics (Immunology). The change from H-BRS to our partner university in Scotland is not causing me any problems, as the first four semesters at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg have prepared me ideally both in terms of subject and language.

I am really looking forward to my practical phase here, in which I will be able to research the dysfunction of RANK receptors on osteoclasts and their effect on the human skeleton. Thanks to the many practicals and methods that I was able to complete in the laboratory in Rheinbach, I feel very well prepared for the practical work.

The H-BRS also helped me to develop personally outside of the classroom and to be an active part of university life thanks to the many opportunities to participate in student bodies and committees.

I was also able to support Professor Lehmann as a tutor on the Study Island programme, helping students from the first two semesters. This was a very important experience for me, as I harbour the desire to teach one day.

I am still particularly enthusiastic about the intercultural nature of the university - from the many students from all over the world to English-language degree programmes and international festivals. Among other things, I supported the Study Buddy Programme by helping a Colombian student to find his way around the German system, which is so different from South America. Having immigrated to Germany from Uruguay with my family myself, I know how helpful it is to have someone to talk to locally.

The idea of studying at the University of Aberdeen for a year and gaining a double degree fascinated me from the very first moment. However, as studying in the UK is very expensive, I applied for a scholarship from the DAAD and the Protestant Study Organisation, both of which I received with the support of the university. I was encouraged and helped by the numerous discussions I had with Professor Reinscheid and Professor Lehmann. I am very grateful to H-BRS for making it possible for me to study abroad for a year and gain many benefits in the process!

After completing my Bachelor's degree, I want to do a Master's degree and then go on to do a doctorate. Where my path will take me after Aberdeen is still uncertain. However, I am open to many possibilities and am very confident thanks to the programme at H-BRS and the current training. Thank you for that, H-BRS!"

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