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Department of Natural Sciences

Advanced and Clinical Immunology (MSc)


Compulsory course

  • in MSc in Biomedical Sciences, 3rd semester 
  • 6h/week (2L/2E/2P)
  • Credits: 8 ECTS



Learning outcomes:

  • The students will have a comprehensive overview about the immune system and some immunological diseases.
  • In particular they can define immunodeficiencies like SCID, X-linked immunological diseases, AIDS, allergies and related genetics.


  • The lecture will teach the students the fundamentals in cellular (development of lymphocytes in the bone marrow and thymus, differentiation and activation of leucocytes, leucocytes during immune responses) and molecular immunology (signal cascades, development of BCR and TCR, marker genes, homing).
  • They will learn the basics of experimental work (relevant technologies e.g. knock-out, knock-in, conditional knock-out, regulatory cells, antibody and recombinant immunological molecules for therapies and experimental approaches.
  • They will learn the basis of important immunological diseases


Learning outcomes:

  • The students will be able to work with “model systems” to analyze diseases.
  • To know how to write grants and understand the basics of the finances required for.


  • In the seminar we will either present and discuss the scientific literature about an immunological mouse model
  • or prepare grants about a defined subject.


Learning outcomes:

  • The students know important immunological techniques and their application like FACS, ELISA, analysis of gene inheritance and a locomotion test in laboratory animals.


Module examination - graded

Written exam 60%

Protocol practical course 30%

grant/presentation 10%


  • Janeway Immunobiology, Garland Science, last edition

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Harald Illges

Professor for Immunology and Cell Biology




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