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Overview Gesunde Hochschule

Welcome to our website from Gesunde Hochschule! Our goal is to expand health-promoting measures over the next few years to support your health.

Find out more about the new health programme

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We are also represented on LEA with our health portal. We offer information, self-learning modules, videos and audios on the topic of health!

Overview of previous actions of the Gesunde Hochschule

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Meal Prep Workshop
Meal Prep Workshop
Fahrradaktion Gesunde Hochschule
Fahrradaktion Gesunde Hochschule
Fahrradaktion Gesunde Hochschule
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Stand Gesunde Hochschule
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The team of Gesunde Hochschule appreciates your interest and is happy to answer any questions about health at Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. We are grateful for any ideas or suggestions you may have. Feel free to contact us at

We are supported by our health partner Techniker Krankenkasse (health insurance company).