Compulsory Course

  • in BSc Applied Biology, 4th Semester
  • 6h/week (2L/2E/2P)
  • Credits: 7 ECTS

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Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg


Lecture and excercises will provide an introduction into general biochemistry and important biochemical methods, including some introductions into the contents of the practical course.   In total, lecture and excercises account for 4 SWS.

Practical Course

Introduction into important biochemical methods.  We will study enzyme kinetics, estimate protein concentrations,  perform isoelectric focusing (IEF) of glycoproteins and partially characterize lipids.


Successful completion of all modules of semesters 1-3 is highly recommended. Basic knowledge of general and organic chemistry is essential for comprehension of biochemistry.
Work with the course material prior to the practical course is mandatory. Participation in the practical course requires prior participation in the safety instructions and passing a pre-lab test.
Students who show up late cannot participate in the practical course.


The result of the written exam will count for 60% of the final mark. The other 40% are determined by the practical course and will be composed (1:2) of the results of the pre-lab test (only the 1st attempt if a 2nd attempt should be offered) and the individually prepared protocol, which need to passed within the same semester (no carry-over of partial results from SoSe 2018 on!). All parts of the assessment have to be passed in order to pass the module.


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