Laboratory Skills

Compulsory Course

  • in BSc Applied Biology, 1st Semester 
  • 2h/week (1L/1E)
  • Credits: 3 ECTS

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Learning outcome:

The module Laboratory Skills provides general study skills for first semester students. Having attended the lecture students are familiar with strategies for preparing and revising courses as well as coping with exams. Students know about the significance, structure and form of laboratory reports. They are able to distinguish between different forms of scientific presentations (oral or written) and are able to use PowerPoint to develop their own presentations. They are familiar with different forms of scientific publications and know how to use online databases for literature research. They can critically judge the reliability of other internet resources. After successful participation in the exercise students can use the acquired knowledge in order to work out a short presentation covering a scientific topic and to present and discuss their work.


  • Time management during study course
  • Structure and preparation of laboratory reports
  • Different forms of scientific presentations, use of PowerPoint
  • Scientific publications; research for publications using online resources
  • Preparation of a short presentation using PowerPoint




The Laboratory Skills part is non-graded. Assessment via short presentation that has to be delivered at the end of the exercise session.



  • Selfhtml (the English version is still (early 2005) in its infancy at:
  • HTML course of the W3schools at:

Microsoft Excel

  • Joseph E. Billo, Excel for chemists, Wiley, New York 2001 (has a lot of tips and tricks relevant for scientists)

Visual Basic

  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programmer's guide, Microsoft Press Redmond, 1999 (advanced textbook)