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Studying abroad at a non-Partner University

Maybe you are dreaming about studying in California, Mexico, Argentina, Russia or New Zealand - but we don’t have a partner university in your preferred country. This shouldn’t keep your dreams from becoming true! With sufficient enthusiasm, a good preparation and planning it is absolutely possible to spend a semester at a non-partner university.
When to go?
  • during the fifth semester, visiting courses and taking part in normal student life

  • during the sixth semester for practical training and Bachelor thesis.

The procedure:

For just doing the practical training abroad the procedure is very straightforward. Pick a research group working in a field you are interested in, apply for a placement at the university of interest, find yourself a first advisor to your project and off you go.

For taking courses at a non-partner university more preparation is needed to guarantee a smooth transfer of credits. Figure out:

  • Which courses at the host university are available for visiting students?

  • What is the content, language and assessment for these courses?

  • Does the host-university use a credit transfer system?

  • Present your collected information to the examination board to seek confirmation.

Has this been done before?

Yes. Students have studied independently in England, USA, Canada, Iceland, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa or Singapore.

Need help?

The Team International can help you to pre-screen possible courses to see whether these can be considered equivalent to our schedule here in Rheinbach.