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Department of Natural Sciences

When to go

BSc Biology students in study year 3 have the opportunity to spend one or two semester at either a partner university or at an international university of their choice. Some partner universities take part in a double degree program: students studying successful at our university (study year 1 and 2) and the partner university (study year 3) receive not only our BSc-Degree but also the partner's degree.

Sometimes students chose to do their bachelor project (6th semester) at an international research institute, university or company abroad. Two partner universities are currently offerering placements for the bachelor project. 

Students of the Master Program Biomedical Sciences can take part in a double degree program with the University of Palermo or with the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria in Varese. They are also encouraged to do the Master thesis at an international research group or company. 

Please mind the requirements and deadlines that have to be met when you are interested in joining our exchange programs!