The idea behind the BRSU’s central teaching and learning platform, LEA (short for “Lernen und Arbeiten online”, i.e. learning and working online) and its various functions and tools is to assist you, the students, in your learning process. Key elements of this concept are, amongst others, the social features that enable you to interact and communicate with lecturers and fellow students.

During a virtual conversation, the conversation partner is usually physically absent. This, however, does not mean that different rules apply to this form of communication. Please keep in mind that you are interacting with actual human beings in your LEA courses and groups, and treat your conversation partners the same way you wish to be treated.

We would like to emphasise that

  • insults of any kind,
  • racist statements,
  • the distribution of pornographic or violence glorifying contents,
  • the transmission of personal data of a third party,
  • as well as the misuse of comments functions

are not permitted.

On LEA, we operate within a formal setting that can be considered as training ground for your future professional life.

Thank you for contributing to a pleasant and considerate working atmosphere here at the BRSU!

Your E-Learning Team