University and District Library


Wednesday 15 January 2020

The Graduate Institute (GI) and the Library would like to draw your attention to the existence of VG Wort and to current changes that may be of interest to one or the other of you.

VG Wort is the collecting society for authors (similar to GEMA for musicians) and distributes royalties every year in which authors can participate. Especially for (young) scientists this is an interesting possibility to get some money for published contributions.

Only a few people apparently know that as a scientist you can register texts with the VG Wort and receive money as a result. The GI and the library would like to contribute to the development of a culture of knowledge transfer among the researchers of the university. Please talk to your colleagues about their experiences or contact the GI or the library. A few FAQs on the subject of "royalties by the VG Wort" can be found in the attached PDF.

Conclusion of the GI and the library:

The VG Wort is at first glance an unclear structure. But if you are not discouraged by the bureaucratic website and the complicated procedures, you can actually enjoy royalties - legally and without any hooks. If you have any questions, you can also contact VG Wort directly, whose employees are very helpful. The GI and the library hope that as many scientists* as possible will gain knowledge of this helpful tool. Experience teaches us: It works!