Setting Up LEA Courses

We are happy to see that you are interested in integrating the use of LEA into your courses.

Please let us know which courses you would like us to set up for you in LEA. In LEA you will find a form into which you can enter your courses directly on your personal desktop. We will then set up the courses in question, and you will receive a message as soon as they are available in LEA.

Alternatively, you can, of course, simply send us an e-mail including your course requirements.

Support with setting up your courses

We will be happy to support you with setting up and designing your courses, e.g. with

  • ​setting up and drafting the individual objects (the forum as a news forum; a folder to upload data files, etc.)
  • implementing a test with automatically evaluable questions (e.g. question queue for exam preparation)
  • setting up groups with membership restrictions (to automatically assign students to X groups)
  • and much more.

​Please simply send us an e-mail.