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Terms of Use for Media Portal H-BRS

Here, the H-BRS provides information about the terms of use of the media portal. This portal is operated on behalf of the H-BRS by VIMP GmbH, Munich. The service is available to university members for the processing, management, and distribution of video content for educational, research, and training purposes.

1. General Terms of Use / Purpose

The Media Portal is offered for academic purposes in education, studying, research, and professional development, along with fulfilling additional responsibilities of the university. VIMP GmbH, located at Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, 80992 Munich, is responsible for order data processing.

Private use of the Media Portal is not permitted.


2. Authorized Users

Authorized users are categorized into three groups as follows:

  • Group 1: Anonymous visitors to the Media Portal (without login)
  • Group 2: All members of H-BRS (with login, including students)
  • Group 3: Only employees of H-BRS (with login)


3. Publication of Media

Users of Group 3 are allowed to:

Make their own media visible only to themselves (Publication status "Only for me") Publish their own media in a way that anonymous visitors to the Media Portal can view them, with a responsible change of the media's publication status from "Only for me" to "Public," and Make their own media available to a restricted audience via a direct link (Publication status: "Unlisted"). 'Own media' refers to media where the authorized user is the creator or has demonstrable usage rights sufficient for the specific purpose. The media must not violate the rights of other individuals (e.g., "right to one's own image"), copyright, or any other rights protected under copyright law or violate legal regulations in any other form.


4. Data Protection

The right to informational self-determination ensures that individuals may decide on the disclosure and use of their personal data. Third-party consent, if they are part of the media, must be obtained by the author or the authorized user. When involving minors, it should be noted that, according to current law, the consent of both parents is generally required for the publication of media. The author or the authorized user is responsible for the lawful publication of the media.


5. Right to Deletion, Deletion Period

When the authorized user leaves H-BRS, their own media on the Media Portal will be deleted after the expiration of the contractual relationship and respective follow-up periods, unless otherwise agreed upon by the user and H-BRS beforehand.


6. Reporting Process for Allegedly Unlawful Content

Upon receiving reports, especially from authorized users, about unlawful content or on the instruction of the university management, corresponding media will be immediately blocked by Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg until the situation is clarified. The process is as follows:

  • The owner of the media is informed in writing about the received report, and the medium is blocked until the situation is clarified.
  • The owner of the media has three working days to respond to the report, for example, by exchanging, deleting, or rejecting the medium.
  • If the medium has not been deleted or corrected after this period, or if the owner of the media has not responded or rejects the report as unjustified, the medium will be blocked. In this case, H-BRS reserves the right to legally clarify the matter.
  • Until the final legally secure clarification of the situation, the medium will not be displayed on the Media Portal.


7. Prohibition of Publication of Certain Content

Without prejudice to other and/or more extensive legal prohibitions, the publication of media is not allowed if it:

  • constitutes unauthorized and/or criminal acts;
  • contains pornographic representations;
  • contains content that, in a demeaning and reputation-damaging manner, lowers or defames the depicted person(s),
  • if there are factual indications that suggest that the depicted person(s) do not agree with the planned publication, or
  • if there are factual indications that suggest that the rights of third parties (e.g., trademark rights, industrial property rights, etc.) are violated by the publication, and consent for the publication is not available.


8. Consent to the Usage Agreement

All authorized users agree to comply with all provisions of the terms of use at any time during their use of the Media Portal.

Authorized users of Group 3 confirm, when uploading a medium, that they have read and accepted these terms of use.

H-BRS reserves the right to block access to the Media Portal if the terms of use are disregarded or not complied with.