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Department of Management Sciences

Student groups of the MBA Program

Our MBA Program is proud to offer its students a very international working and learning atmosphere. Students from more than 80 different nationalities, equipped with diverse academic and professional backgrounds enrolled since our program start in 2009. Since then, more than 150 students successfully graduated and pursued their careers in the international labor market. Scroll down to gain a brief overview of our MBA student groups.

Students with over 80 nationalities

mba_csr_and_ngo_mgmt._world_map_of_students_origins_status.png (EN)

MBA Student Groups (2009-2022)

Group Picture MBA Batch 2020 (EN)

batch_2019.png (EN)

batch_2018.png (EN)

batch_2017.png (EN)

Batch2016_mba.jpg (DE)

group_picture_batch_2015_mba.jpg (DE)

grouppicture_batch2014_MBA.jpeg (DE)

batch_2012.png (EN)

batch_2011 (EN)

batch_2010.png (DE)