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Administrative unit 1: Facility Management, Building and Safety

Art and construction

History: After completion of the main buildings of the university campuses in Sankt Augustin and Rheinbach in 1999, the extension buildings at both locations were put into operation in spring 2005. To conclude the structural development, the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg invited applications for the "Art and Building" competition for both campuses.

Regional artists were invited through a public call to present their designs for the respective location of the university as concept and in model form. Fifty-seven artists took part. After professional evaluation by a selection committee, seven applicants remained for each location, who were allowed to present concrete designs. One applicant for the Sankt Augustin site expressly declined to present his designs. A jury then determined the winners. As a special feature at the Sankt Augustin campus, an additional task and challenge was offered to the artists: parallel to the artwork of the elevated forecourt between the main building and the extension building, the artists were to include a second object - three possible placements were offered for selection - in their designs.

Placement in Sankt Augustin:

The exterior sculpture has the task to present itself in the future as a symbol of the University of Applied Sciences in Sankt Augustin between the two buildings. The large triangular forecourt offered ideal and interesting conditions for this.

For the interior sculpture, it was up to the artist to choose a predetermined positioning within the entrance area of the university, in the foyer of the extension building or in the courtyard between the lecture halls.

Placement in Rheinbach:

The Rheinbach location placed special demands on the artists: the location of the sculpture was not subject to any strict spatial restrictions, but could be planned according to the artist's concept and ideas on the extensive grounds of the University of Applied Sciences. Of course - just as at the Sankt Augustin site - weather resistance of the material and a long-term maintenance-free installation of the sculpture were prerequisites for participation.