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Administrative unit 1: Facility Management, Building and Safety

Company vehicles

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At our Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, university staff can book company vehicles for business trips. The booking of a vehicle is made exclusively via Workflow DIAS.

Official vehicles may only be used for business trips reimbursable under the State Travel Expenses Act if regularly scheduled public transport is not available or if there are other valid reasons for using an official car. Insurance cover is only provided for approved business trips.

You can reserve a company car if there is free capacity by stating your cost centre.

The keys/papers for the booked vehicle will be handed over by the respective reception and also returned there after completion of the business trip.

Prerequisites are:

  • Prior business trip approval.
  • The business trips with these vehicles begin and end at the same university campus.
  • Each journey must be booked in DIAS before the start of the journey.

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