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Student Coaching "Study Skills"

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The successful completion of academic studies requires, among other things, a subject-independent ability to study. Many students still develop or consolidate these necessary skills during the course of their studies.

Do you sometimes ask yourself how you can better prepare for your exams? Are you sometimes less motivated than you would like to be? Do you sometimes lose track of upcoming tasks? Are your days too full from time to time?

In the student coaching you can deal with these and related topics from the area of study skills. Here you have space and time to shed light on your individual study skills.

The initial appointment serves to reflect on your study success to date, to take a first look at your competences and to collect suggestions for change. For sustained progress in your study ability, several appointments are necessary. In particular, this enables you to try out and evaluate new approaches in your daily study routine.

Contact me:

Please send an email to make an appointment, briefly describing your concerns and mentioning suitable times for a coaching session.

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