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Department of Engineering and Communication

Progress of study

Here you can find Information about the progress of study

Within the first year (semester 1+2) the students lern basics in mathematics, natural sciences, electrical engineering, informatics, materials science, applied engineering software and English.

In the second semester they choose a specialisation for the following year (semester 3+4). Moreover there are modules in subjects like electrical engineering, control engineering and micro-processors and two practically oriented projects. The students can pick subjects to get social, economic and methodical abilities in an interdisciplinary way.

After the practically orientated 5. semester in a company the students again focus on their specialisation (semester 6+7) in project work, lectures and seminars. Within the 7. semester the practical orientated bachelor thesis should be written and they finish their studies by having an colloquium to defend their thesis and get the "Bachelor of Engineering" (B.Eng.).