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Department of Engineering and Communication

Study Extension Mechatronic

Study Extension Mechatronic
1. Mechatronics

The term "mechatronic" is a combination of the words "mechanics", "electronic" and "information science". It marks the latest tendency towards technically complex products whomes functions are dominated by electronic components. But in practise mechatronic means a lot more than just those three words:

  • an interdisciplinary cooperation of employees and engineers
  • construction and operation of complex mechatronical systems containing of sensors, microelectronic controlers and mechanical drives
  • computer-based development of complex systems by using CAE methods

and so on.

2. Content

According to the topics of mechatronics the main course contains interdisciplinary content like

  • electric, pneumatic und hydraulic drives,
  • measurement and sensors,
  • microcontroller und programmable logic controller and
  • control engineering.

In elective subjects students can take courses within the study extension "product development" like "plastics technology", "numerical simulation" and others.

Based on that the knowledge in seminars like

  • integrated mechatronical systems or
  • mechatronic systems in automotive engineering

will be extended and practically applied in project weeks. This trains how to work in project teams like in daily business of most companies. There also are certain non-technical courses like languages, business administration and others as it is requested from educated engineers.

3. Application fields

The study extension mechatronics gives a wide experience and a practical orientated education by teaching scientific-technical basic knowledge. Graduates are able to solve technical problems in various areas of expertise. As an trained engineer they have the potential to work in a great variety of sectors in cause of their interdisciplinary capabilities: construction, development, production or sale in the fields of industry automation, automotive technology or the consumer sector and many more.