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Department of Engineering and Communication

TV and Radio Studio

The university’s radio and TV studio offers students the opportunity to produce professional audio and video content themselves. After being about fifteen years in operation, the studios are now being modernized and completely rebuilt.

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TV studio

At the university’s TV studio, students have the opportunity to plan and implement their own TV programs. Professional cameras are just as much part of the equipment as teleprompters and digital lighting systems. During their studies, the budding journalists learn how to use television technology and test what they have learned in their own TV programs.

Not only journalism students can work in the TV studio: The TV team of the university is open to all students to produce professional television programs together.

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Radio Studio

In the radio studio, the budding technical journalists learn the basics of radio-trade. The training takes place in form of project work: The radio project generates radio segments from the first research to the broadcastable segment. The radio studio also serves as a studio for professional audio recordings. For example, radio plays or podcasts can be produced in the speaker's cabin.

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