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Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism

Young Professionals

In order to support talented and efficient students, the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism has launched the excellence program "Young Professionals". The focus is on - perhaps unique at German universities - the adoption of tutorials by students from the second semester of the bachelor program. In the study-accompanying program, students attend seminars to increase their personal and social skills in order to develop themselves further. They also learn to teach and to lead.

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What does Young Professionals offer?

  • They take part in compact seminars such as "strengthening self-reflection and self-competence" in order to prepare for teaching or leadership activity.
  • Normally, you can apply your acquired knowledge very quickly when working in the field as a tutor.
  • You will be supported and assisted with uncertainties and problems in tutoring.
  • You will receive an individual certificate for your participation in the excellence program "Young Professionals" including the measures you have chosen.


What awaits Young Professionals?

  • You are a student or student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Journalism.
  • You are technically very good or at least good and are optimally in the second or third semester.
  • You are interested in personal development and are reliable and open to new challenges.
  • You like to convey knowledge and values.

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Which benefits does "Young Professionals" also offer me?

  • Young Professionals also addresses all students in the masters and doctoral programs.
  • Self-management, decision-making ability, personality and conflict management are among the significant interdisciplinary skills required by employers. A degree or a doctorate gives reason to mature these competences on the occasion of challenging situations.
  • With seminars such as "time and self-management in the doctorate" Young Professionals accompanies masters and doctoral students to recognize these challenges as a training opportunity and to use them for personal development.

Who is behind Young Professionals?

  • Young Professionals is responsibly led by Dr Anouschka Strang, a graduate economist who has been successfully working in coaching and training for many years.
  • She is assisted by various professors and teachers who offer subject-specific seminars or take on individual supervision.

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