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Graduate Institute

Good Scientific Practice

"Science, on the other hand, forces us to abandon the belief in simple causalities precisely where everything seems so easy to comprehend and we are the fools of the eye." Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

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The university promotes the good scientific practice of young researchers in order to anchor a culture of scientific integrity. It is therefore part of the professional ethos of academics and scientists at our university to know the rules of good scientific work and to communicate with one another.

For guidance, the Graduate Institute refers to the current DFG Guidelines adopted on 3 July 2019. (See PDF in "Related Documents" below)

The Graduate Institute encourages PhD students at H-BRS to become "Ambassadors of Good Science" at H-BRS within the framework of the research integrity program "Virt2ue". The GI team therefore follows the developments of the Embassy of Good Science, e.g. in the framework of the "Virt2ue"-Program financed by the European Commission. The contact person for this at the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences is Honorary Professor Dr. Dirk Lanzerath, who repeatedly lectured at PhD Days for our doctoral students.

A workshop belonging to the "Virt2ue" program took place on 4-5 March 2020 at the H-BRS on the Sankt Augustin Campus. A follow-up date is planned for later in 2020 at the same location. A follow-up workshop is planned for later. At the first meeting, scientists and research assistants from several research institutions (e.g. Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Biology, University of Mainz, University of Göttingen, H-BRS) came together for a train-the-trainer course. On behalf of the Graduate Institute, Dr. Barbara Hillen (middle of the picture) took part in the training course. The goal is to bring the topic of research integrity more strongly into the universities and to sensitize colleagues and students to the topic in the future.

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