The Graduate Institute celebrates a successful 2019

Wednesday 19 December 2018
The Graduate Institute looks back on a successful year 2018 and is delighted with four successful graduates, prize winners and new scholarship holders.
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Four successfully completed promotions
The Graduate Institute is pleased to announce four successfully completed doctorates in 2018 from Anastassia Küstenmacher (Robotics), Shatha Abu Shanab (Electrical Engineering), Daryoush Vaziri (Economics) and Dominik Wild (Detection Technology). With its independent Graduate Institute, the H-BRS is also a pioneer and advocate of independent doctoral opportunities for universities of applied sciences.

Funding Prizes of the University Society 2018
Furthermore, in October 2018, two former doctoral students were awarded prizes by the University Society for the first time: Dr. Daryoush Vaziri (Economics) and Dr. Nico Hochgeschwender (Computer Science).

PhD scholarships 2018
Finally, the Graduate Institute is pleased to announce 13 new scholarship holders who have prevailed in a competitive selection process. Receive doctoral scholarships:

  •     Ahmed Drak (TREE scholarship holder)
  •     David Dreistadt (scholarship holder of the EMT faculty)
  •     Thomas Havelt (Scholar of the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences)
  •     Daniel Klein (ISF Scholar)
  •     Alexander Marquardt (IVC Scholar)
  •     Brian Mathebula (GI Scholar/Reiner Clement Scholarship)
  •     Michael Meurer (TREE Scholar)
  •     Patrick Ottensmeyer (Scholar of the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences)
  •     Christoph Pomrehn (Scholar of the Department of Computer Science)
  •     Lea Prochnau (Scholar of the Equal Opportunities Office)
  •     Christina Trepkovski (IVC scholarship holder)
  •     Thoduka Santosh (GI scholarship holder)
  •     N.N. (GI scholarship holder)

The Graduate Institute wishes all its members a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful 2019.