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Equal Opportunity

Gender Consulting

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Gender Consulting

The promotion of equal opportunities and diversity in science is one of the declared objectives of the German Research Foundation. The European Union also assigns high priority to the implementation of equal opportunities, diversity and the integration of gender aspects in research. What does this mean for the H-BRS?
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We encourage and support members of the university to reflect on the impact of their teaching and research, especially on vulnerable groups in the transformation process, and to integrate results into teaching, research and transfer. We are committed to the 17 United Nations Substainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of which is gender equality itself. The goal is also to contribute to reducing the Gender Data Gap in science. The Gender Data Gap has a particularly detrimental effect on the lives of women.

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Third-party funding consulting

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Gender-appropriate visual language

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Best thesis with gender reference

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Study and menstruation


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Barbara Hillen

Central Equal Opportunity Officer, Scientific staff member


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