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Sankt Augustin


A 051


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+49 2241 865 662

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Gruppenbild Fachschaft Informatik Sankt Augustin Juni 2022
Gruppenbild Fachschaft Informatik Sankt Augustin Juni 2022

The student council of the Department of Computer Science consists of all students of the degree programmes: Computer Science (B.Sc./M.Sc.), Business Information Systems (B.Sc.), Cyber Security & Privacy (B.Sc.), Autonomous Systems (M.Sc.) and Visual Computing & Games Technology (M.Sc.) .

The student body elects the student council (FSR) once a year, which represents the interests of the student body in all areas. For example, the FSR organises events and manages the student council room, where students can spend time together, buy beverages and get old exams. In addition, the FSR brings the student perspective to exams and teaching and constantly works on the communication between teachers and students.

If you are curious, you can contact us via the communication channels provided, or simply drop by the student council room. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Student Council Computer Science 2022/23

  • Jonathan Theis (chair)
  • Timo Mansfeld (deputy chair)
  • Darius Arbabha (treasurer)
  • Tom Keppeler (deputy treasurer)
  • Sara Giernoth
  • Konstantin Stein
  • Philipp Schneider
  • Daniel Hartkopf
  • David Mohren
  • Fiona Schwindt
  • Luke Harms
  • Dominik Ocsofszki