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Department of Computer Science

Minh Nguyen (former employee)

Research Associate Project VeriComp /Research Associate Project SESAME


Department of Computer Science

Research fields

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Model-Driven Engineering


Sankt Augustin


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin


SESAME (Safe and Secure Multi-Robot-Systems)

The overarching goal of SESAME is to develop an open, modular, configurable, model-based approach for systematic engineering of dependable MRS. The approach is supported by a set of public meta-models, components and configuration tools produced by the project. Target MRS may employ AI, and will be capable of operating dependably in open configurations, and in conditions of uncertainty that include the acknowledged possibility of cyber-attacks. Five novel applications that add value to the European science and economy will be developed and verified for dependability using the SESAME approach.