Procedure of a colloquium in the MCLab

In advance: You apply for admission to the colloquium for a specific date (after consultation with the examiners) and in a specific room (usually in our Technopark: small seminar room: K.321 large seminar room: K.342). Room reservations in the Technopark are made by Anke Müller, otherwise by the secretariat of the department. Please also make sure that the following files are available to the examiners on an appropriate data carrier three days before the colloquium date:

  • Thesis in PDF and original format
  • Papers that have been cited in PDF format
  • Colloquium presentation in PDF and original format
  • other files required for the evaluation of the work, in their original format

You are responsible for checking the technology for the presentation in advance! You should therefore arrive a little earlier to the appointment in order to be able to solve possible difficulties (e.g. missing adapter, no sound...).


You should schedule 60 minutes for the colloquium. The colloquium itself is as follows:

  • Welcome by the first examiner
  • Optional: distribution of handouts to the inspectors (6 foils per side, stapled and punched)
  • 20-minute beamer presentation of the examinee (standard layout of the university in the intranet)
  • Optional (please announce in advance): Demo
  • Questions from examiners about work and the environment (i.e. please bring your final paper if you need to look it up)
  • Grade determination by the supervisor (without examinee)
  • Announcement and justification of the evaluation of written and oral part
  • farewell

The following aspects are briefly presented in the introductory part of the beamers presentation:

  • Title of the work,
  • Lecture structure,
  • Initial situation / Problem,
  • Objective,
  • Approach (= solution approach / methodology)

In the main part of the beamers presentation the following aspects are presented:

  • Methodology of the task processing
  • The most important work results (including validation and critical appraisal) are presented in detail

All in all, you should strictly adhere to the time limits, as the lecture must be aborted after the given time has elapsed. The attachment contains examples of the criteria that can be used to evaluate your colloquium presentation. Please do not forget to bring your thesis with you to the colloquium so that you can answer any questions you may have about your thesis.