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Department of Computer Science

Other questions

Answers to questions about exercise groups, course enrolment, BAföG, library account, VRS ticket, student ID and recognition of examination results

Courses and groups

Please send questions regarding course or group allocation by e-mail to

The BAföG application form

...can be found either online or in the main building of the Studierendenwerk in Bonn. The BAföG application includes various forms. Please note that you have to submit all forms when you apply.

Change of exercise groups

In principle, it is not possible to change exercise groups. If you still want to change your group, you usually have to find an exchange partner from another group. If there are only a few students in an exercise group, it is usually not a problem to attend this group. Be careful with tests: If tests are written in the exercise groups, you have to take the test of the group assigned to you.

Registration in the library

Students of the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg automatically register at the library when they enrol. You will find your library user number on your student ID card. In order to use the online services of the library, you have to set a password once on site. Afterwards, you can log in to the computers in the library with your user number, set up remote access or do research in the online databases. Your library password is also the password for accessing the e-learning platform LEA. It is your MIA password set during self-registration.

Examination recognition

You have already studied at another university and would like to have your examinations recognised? - First check in the module handbook whether the examination you have already taken corresponds to the examination in the department. If this is the case, you will need an application for recognition of examination achievements, which you can find online or in the departmental secretariat. Before you submit the application, it makes sense to get advice from a member of the examination board. The contact person for Bachelor Computer Science is Vera Schliefer, for Bachelor Business Information Systems Tanja Schneider and for Bachelor Cyber Security & Privacy Gerd Hofemann.

Das BAföG-Formular

…findest du entweder im Netz oder im Hauptgebäude des Studierendenwerks in Bonn. Zum BAföG-Antrag gehören verschiedene Formblätter. Bitte beachte, dass du alle Formblätter bei Antragsstellung vorlegen musst.

The semester ticket

...can be applied for via the SIS.

Lost of the student ID card

If your ID card is lost or broken, please contact the Student Secretariat. This is located in the E-building, where you also enrolled. (Room E 040, E 044 and E 045 - E 048)

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