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Career Workshop for International Students

Career Workshop

Tuesday 30 April 2024

Dear international students, would you like to start your career in Germany, but are unsure how to proceed? As an international student, you face a number of challenges, but these can be overcome. To help you on your way into the German job market, the International Office is organizing a three-day workshop series in June (on 10, 11 and 12 June) on the topic of "Career in Germany". Our trainer Vanessa Gerber will provide you with information on internships, application documents and job interviews in three online sessions. Don't miss this opportunity - the event is in English and will take place online!
Career Workshop

Workshop I

In Part One, you will learn about internships in Germany and how to prepare for your upcoming internship semester. Topics will include basic knowledge, chances and development opportunities, job search practice, as well as an introduction to business and career platforms like LinkedIn.

Workshop II

In Part Two of the workshop, we will focus on the application documents for your favorite internship or job. Together, we will take a closer look at CVs, cover letters, and how to prepare all the important documents for a successful job application.

Workshop III

What follows a great job application? Right—an invitation to an interview! In this last session, we will talk about do's and don'ts when participating in a job interview. We will also discuss how you can best prepare for an interview.

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