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H-BRS delegation strengthens international cooperation and exchange with partner university UTFPR in Brazil.

H-BRS Delegation an UTFPR in Brasilien

Wednesday 6 March 2024

From February 19th to February 23rd, 2024, a seven-member delegation traveled to the partner university Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR) in Brazil. The delegation, consisting of professors, researchers, and administrative members, was led by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bode, Vice President for Internationalization and Diversity. The purpose of the trip, which took place as part of the TOFI project, was to strengthen cooperation between the universities and explore new areas of collaboration and exchange.
H-BRS Delegation in Pato Branco, Brasilien

After a long journey, the delegation was warmly welcomed by the hosts and Rector Prof. Dr. Marcos Flávio de Oliveira Schiefler Filho in Curitiba. During the meeting with the rectorate, the participants gained a better understanding of UTFPR, whose unique feature is being Brazil's only Technical University. Discussions focused on exploring new collaboration opportunities and expanding the cooperation agreement, while also reviewing what has been achieved since the start of the cooperation in 2020. In the afternoon, the delegation toured various laboratories and institutes before continuing the exchange over a casual dinner in the evening.

H-BRS Delegation bei UTFPR Car Racing Team

The next day, the delegation proceeded to the campus in Pato Branco, with which the Department of Engineering and Communication collaborates. After another warm reception, discussions with Campus Director Prof. Gilson Ditzel Santos and representatives from various departments introduced research priorities and identified cooperation possibilities. In further meetings, representatives from H-BRS had the opportunity to present their department, research institutes, and projects to their Brazilian counterparts and engage in discussions. The visit was rounded off with a campus tour, visits to the Tech-Innovation Center, and various research projects and laboratories. The exchange with students on Car Racing Teams was particularly well received, where both universities shared insights into their work and engaged in stimulating discussions.

H-BRS Delegation zu Besuch bei UTFPR in Brasilien

The hospitality of our Brazilian partners was demonstrated not only in their great interest and willingness to collaborate more closely but also through the various delightful dinners, where different colleagues often joined us. A unanimous highlight, however, was the privately organized Brazilian BBQ, where two UTFPR colleagues, as well as the Campus Director, grilled delicacies for us.

In addition to the discussions, there was also time to explore the nature and beauty of Brazil. For example, visits to the Botanical Garden in Curitiba or Parque do Alvorecer in Pato Branco were arranged. The trip concluded with an excursion to Foz do Iguazu, where the delegation visited the impressive ITAIPU hydroelectric power plant with a special tour and marveled at the natural wonder of the Iguassu Falls.

Overall, the H-BRS delegation's trip to Brazil was a great success, providing ample opportunities for idea exchange, strengthening partnerships, and gaining insights into research and innovation.

Brasilien Delegationsreise Parque do Alvorecer
H-BRS Delegation in Brasilien
H-BRS Delegation zu Gast bei UTFPR in Brasilien
H-BRS Delegation bei ITAIPU Wasserkraftwerk in Brasilien
Brasilien Delegationsreise Botanischer Garten


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