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The Study Buddy Programme

Broaden your horizons, acquire intercultural skills, gain new friends - become a Study Buddy!

It is not easy for international students to orient themselves at our University at the beginning of their studies: they can be faced with a lot of trouble, questions and misunderstandings. Our Study Buddy project is aimed at counteracting this problem.

It is our goal to put as many international freshers as possible in contact with a Study Buddy who makes it easier for them to settle in an unknown country and an unfamiliar city and to orient themselves in student life on our campus.

Our international students are informed about the opportunity to be supported by a Study Buddy when they are admitted to their course, which enables them to get in touch with their Study Buddies by e-mail before they even start studying here.

For instance, a Study Buddy assists them in finding accommodation, taking out health insurance, in setting up a bank account, in registering for their courses, in going to public authorities and in organising their daily study routine. However, fun is an important issue, too: going to pubs and cinemas together, trips to the surrounding area - all this can also be part of a Study Buddy relationship.

As a Study Buddy you commit for one semester. It’s up to you and your Study Buddy partner to decide what will become of the contact you have established; who knows, you may become lifelong friends! And you will benefit anyway by gaining new international contacts, by practising your intercultural skills and perhaps by deepening your knowledge of a foreign language. Your commitment will be confirmed by a Certificate on International Involvement, which can be very useful for future applications, including internships and scholarships.

The Study Buddy programme includes participation in a preparatory seminar during which you will be provided with information on a Study Buddy’s duties.

If you are interested in this programme (or if you wish to benefit from a Study Buddy’s support as an international student), please do not hesitate to register with the International Office under

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