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Department of Engineering and Communication

Blaue Schiene

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In order to optimally prepare the engineers of tomorrow for the responsible use of global resources, the IWK department has introduced the ‘Blaue Schiene’ in the Bachelor's degree programmes in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Sustainability in engineering studies

Engineers have a lot to contribute to making life easier and the world safer. However, not everything that seems to make sense here and now is also useful or a good thing in the long term in other parts of the world.

One example is plastic packaging: It helps to reduce costs and energy during production and transport, but can lead to massive environmental problems if disposed of inappropriately. The realisation that this is unacceptable in the long term is becoming more and more widespread in our society and is prompting us to rethink.

Sustainability firmly anchored in the degree programme

The Blue Track consists of modules in which aspects of sustainability are taught. Each semester, at least one lecture, seminar or project is offered in which students learn the basics of sustainable technology.

These subjects range from renewable energies, e-mobility and energy harvesting to energy management in IT systems or sustainable product development.

The International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE) provides further information on the topic of sustainability at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences.