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International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE)

Lectures Prof. Meilinger

The IZNE (Prof. Meilinger) regularly offers the following sustainability-related courses in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Technical Journalism:
  • Sustainable Energy Storage (lecture with exercise and seminar).
  • Ethics and Sustainability (lecture and seminar)
  • Environmental Science (lecture with exercise)
  • LCA and Sustainability Analysis (lecture with exercise)
  • Sustainable Systems Development: Modeling and Quantification of Sustainability Factors (lecture with exercise and seminar)
  • Selected chapters of sustainable technologies: LCA (lecture with exercise and seminar)
  • Environment and Transport (lecture with exercise and seminar)

The following electives are offered at irregular intervals:

  • Energy and Climate Change (lecture with exercise)
  • Life Cycle Assessment (lecture with exercise)
  • Modern Energy Storage (lecture with exercise)
  • Simulation of a virtual power plant (project)
  • Life cycle assessment of household appliances (project)
  • Development of an algorithm for monitoring a PV system (project)

Bachelor's and Master's theses (including Master's projects) in the context of research projects at IZNE and TREE.