Excellence on Robotics

Monday 22 March 2010

Prof. Gerhard Kraetzschmar is now member of the EURON Board that coordinates the activities of the European Network of Excellence on Robotics (EURON).

Gerhard Kraetzschmar, Professor for Autonomous Systems, would like to focus on two areas. First is to increase the coherence of the European robotics research landscape by initiating more EURON activities to bring together researchers from the currently almost separated communities of classical robotics, cooperative robotics, behavioral robotics, swarm robotics, developmental robotics, cognitive robotics, and the RoboCup community.

Second is to increase the coherence of European robotics education. Because despite the Bologna process and some encouraging, but disconnected efforts to establish joint degree or dual-degree Master and Ph.D. programs, Kraetzschmar says the field did not represent itself well towards potential students inside and outside of Europe. He would like to create a map of European degree programs with at least partial robotics content as well as cooperative programs already established.

Another activity is to help the formation of consortia for establishing new dual-degree or joint degree Master and Ph.D. programs and to submit joint proposals for Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus funding programs.