First RISE Scholarship Students on the Campus

Monday 18 July 2011
First RISE Scholarship Students on the Campus

The programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which serves to promote student exchange from North America and the UK to Germany, is entitled “Research Internships in Science and Engineering” (RISE). Such a scholarship for a research internship is awarded to students in the later years of their courses, who are supervised by PhD students at the German university.

The Department of Natural Sciences under Prof. Dr Edda Tobiasch has applied for such a scholarship for the first time and has now been entitled to select two out of 16 suggested applicants.

Ka Yan Lo and Kenneth Mendonca (middle) are currently working in Prof. Tobiasch’s laboratory. PhD student Yu Zhang (left) and Dilaware Khan are supervising their young research colleagues. Together the four of them are collaborating in the area of stem cell research.

Ka Yan Lo is a student of Biology at the University of San Diego in California. Kenneth Mendonca has been studying Neuroscience and Behaviour Research at the University of California, too - however, in Santa Cruz. On our Rheinbach campus he is doing research into what is known as “Hox genes”.