Respekt! Rally 2020 in digital format

Thursday 17 September 2020

Also this year, we are organizing the Respekt! Rally to accompany the Respekt! action weeks. "Respekt! makes you a winner": take part in the Respekt! Rally digitally and win great prizes!

bild-respekt_rallye.png (DE)

How does the digital RESPEKT!-RALLY 2020 work?

  1. Complete three of the five tasks on the Respekt! check list (You find the Respekt! check list here).
  2. Indicate on the check list which three tasks you have completed. We trust you to fill out the check list honestly.
  3. Add your name and email address on the check list.
  4. Email a picture of the check list to sarah.friedrichs@h-brs.deby 25 November 2020 at the latest.

Participants who have met all the requirements will receive a certificate for active participation in the Respect! activity period 2020.

Among all successful participants we raffle the following prizes:

  • 3x book voucher worth 25 Euro for local bookstores
  • 4x cinema voucher worth 15 Euro
  • 5x tenner coffee card for the CaffeKarre (Campus Sankt Augustin) / Caffè Cultura (Bonn)
  • 15x PC camera cover
  • 15x mint pastilles can

respekt-aktionszeitraum-2020.png (DE)