2014 Scholarship Celebration at H-BRS

Thursday 11 December 2014
023/00/12-2014 TV
91 students from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University have obtained a scholarship over the past academic year: 82 of them have acquired Germany scholarships and five students have been awarded DAAD scholarships. Half of the scholarships are funded by the German State or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), while the other half is financed by a private donor.

For the scholarship holders this means they receive an additional € 300 for a one-year period. In addition, our university’s Academic Foundation finances and awards four scholarships in the same amount and for the same length of time.

The funds acquired by our university thus amount to approximately € 313,000 this year. The money is made available by 27 donors, including foundations, companies and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The amount of money made available by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the Germany scholarship is equal to the sum provided by the private donors. This public-private partnership enables the beneficiaries to obtain a scholarship amount totalling € 300 per month.

The donors presented their scholarship holders with a certificate during a ceremony held today (Wednesday 10 December 2014), and more than half of the companies actually support two or more students. Special mention must be made of the Ließem Foundation in Bonn (20 scholarships), SER Solutions Bonn (10) and Deutsche Postbank (8) as scholarship donors. However, the university also values the commitment of smaller companies such as Nordhorn Rütters GbR, the Bad Godesberg Lions Club or inasys. During the ceremony the donors personally met the students, who can now continue their studies without having to worry too much about finance.


"These young talents unite open-mindedness and curiosity, and they are the basis of our future," said Professor Dr Hartmut Ihne, President of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, in his speech. He added that cooperation, which is based on partnerships between companies and the university, also revealed itself in the Germany scholarship, which was likely to lead to additional joint projects aimed at future innovations. According to Ihne, the donors’ commitment also bears the mark of confidence in the high quality of the education that the students experience at our university. Ihne thanked the donors, who thus "assume social responsibility and carry out prudent staff development". He attaches great importance to the university’s education fund, which pools various fund-raising tools. According to the president the university's own scholarships provide a useful supplement to the scholarship programmes in place by filling the funding gap left by them.

Dr Stefan Luther, Head of Section in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, congratulated the scholarship winners on their awards on behalf of Minister Johanna Wanka. "The Germany scholarship will not necessarily make your studies easier, but at least more pleasant," Luther said. At the same time he very cordially thanked the donors and our university for their great commitment to the Germany scholarship because, as Luther said, "without this commitment we would not be here today and this wonderful form of support for the students would not be possible."

The students benefiting from a Germany scholarship are enrolled in the following subjects: Biology (5 students), Chemistry with Materials Science (6), Forensic Sciences (4), Electrical Engineering (8), (Business) Information Systems (17), Mechanical Engineering (7), Technical Journalism  (4), Business Administration/ Management (17) and Business Psychology (6).

The DAAD scholarships have been assigned as follows: Biology (2 students), Business Information Systems (1), Business Administration/Management (1) and Business Psychology (1).