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The team for professors and civil servants is responsible for all matters from the appointment to the resignation of civil servants and professors from all departmentss. Below we have compiled the most important topics for you (unfortunately most of the documents are only available in German):


Changes in your personal circumstances (this includes a change of address) must always be reported to the team in written form so that our team can inform all involved parties (e.g., sick leave, LBV, travel expenses).


Occupational health and safety

...serve to protect members and relatives of the university from damage, stress and hazards caused by the university's diverse work processes. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Anders-Wilberg and his team. In the case of fire protection, Mr. Kelter is available to answer your questions:



Administrative officers report the illnesses, secondary illnesses or accidents, stating the expected duration, immediately on the first day of absence to the superior(s) and by e-mail From the fourth day of absence onwards, a sick note from the doctor is required. Professors should contact the FB-Secretariat. For longer periods of incapacity to work, the BEM intervenes.



Civil servants receive benefits in cases of illness, birth and nursing care in accordance with the provisions of the NRW Benefits Ordinance. The processing of allowance matters of civil servants of the H-BRS is carried out by an external allowance office of the University of Cologne. Application forms can be found on the intranet at:

postal address: Central Scanstelle Aid, 32746 Detmold


Service cards

All employees of H-BRS will receive their personal service card during the first few days of work.


Business Trips

Information on applications, settlements, travel assistance, reimbursements, assistance for planned trips and all about settlements can be found on the homepage:  or


Service Agreements

The service agreements can be found on the intranet at


Parental leave

Mothers and fathers are entitled to parental leave. Parental leave must be requested in writing. With the consent of the university management, up to 24 months of parental leave can be postponed to the period between the child's third and eighth birthday. Mothers and fathers also have the possibility - taking into account the official interests - to work part-timeduring parental leave . If you have any questions regarding maternity and parental leave, the team will be happy to assist you. Independent of parental leave, parental allowance canbeapplied for at the parental allowance office of the respective home town / district.


Vacation care and reimbursement of vacation care costs

The university reimburses the employees per child (up to 16 years) for vacation care 50 Euro/week (max. 250 Euro/year)


Research and practical semester

The prerequisite for the approval of the application is that the applicant has been a member of the university for at least eight semesters and  that he/she has been on leave of absence or leave of absence for eight sem  esters. The application must contain a detailed description of the planned project and the representation. Further information can be found at:


Equal opportunity office and equal opportunity commissioner

The Equal Opportunity Officer represents all persons at the university. She is supported by decentralized Equal Opportunity Officers in the departments as well as the Equal Opportunity Commission. A list of the decentralized equal opportunity officers can be found here . You can reach the Equal Opportunity Officer at


University didactics

The Presidential Representative for University Didactics is available with her expertise to anyone who would like to receive further didactic training, try out a digital teaching method, or needs support with a specific teaching scenario. The contents of such a consultation are confidential.


State Office for Salary and Pensions (LBV)

The LBV in Düsseldorf is responsible for calculating your salary and paying it. You will only receive statements if there are changes compared to the previous month. The team of civil servants and professors will take care of the communication with the LBV for you.


job ticket

The Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences offers employees a job ticket in the special form of a key account ticket.


teacher discount / survey

The granting of a future teacher discount must be applied for through the Dean the team of professors and civil servants.

Explanations to the teacher survey form/ Erläuterungen zum Lehrerhebungsbogen (de)


Secondary employment

All employees must notify their employer in advance and in writing of any secondary employment against payment. More detailed information and appropriate forms can be found here:

Secondary activity(ies) and related notes, additional income/ Nebentätigkeit(en) und die dazugehörigen Hinweise, Nebeneinnahmen (de)


Opening hours

Campus Sankt Augustin: Mon-Fri: 07:00 to 23:00, Sat: 07:00 to 19:00

Campus Rheinbach: Mon-Fri: 07:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs, Sat: 07:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs


Staff Council

The civil servants are represented by a staff council. The members for the current term of office and their function are published on the homepage. Both staff councils are always available for questions and/or problems at work. or


Disabled Persons' Representative Body  

The Representative for Severely Disabled Persons is the contact person for disabled prospective and current students as well as for the employees of the university. He is involved in the planning and implementation of structural and organizational measures for the needs of disabled  people at the university and is involved in the selection of personnel for severely disabled applicants. They reach the chairman of the severely handicapped person agency, Mr. Guido ruffle, under the direct dialling -311 or  


Target agreements / allowances

Upon application ,W-paying professors can  negotiatetarget agreements for special achievements in accordance with the HLeistBVO with the President. Please contact the team of professors and civil servants for this purpose.

Concept for W Salary / Konzept zur W-Besoldung (de)


Supplementary pension (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder - VBL)

In the area of compulsory insurance of the "VBLklassik", insured persons are paid a company old-age and survivors' pension and, in cases of reduced earning capacity, a company pension.

For further information, please visit:


Further information:

Ms. Biendara is your contact person for applicant management (BITE) for appointment procedures.


Our job advertisements can be found on the career page:

We are also happy to be at your personal disposal!