The Jülich Research Centre (FZJ) has joined Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS) to develop innovative concepts that promote and entrench sustainable energy and resource use in the region. The Sustainable Campus (ZukunftsCampus, ZC) office at FZJ has years of experience in these areas. FZJ cooperates with H-BRS to make this expertise tangible to citizens and produce dialogue events and exchanges. Dialogue events focus on relevant issues, such as the energy transition, electromobility and the social responsibility of research.  This dialogue then leads to new ideas and measures that target the local network of H-BRS. Participants are united by the goal of generating knowledge with social value.

Wissenschaftsladen (WILA) Bonn supports H-BRS with its broad experience and services for citizen science. Training sessions, events and other communications bring people together for CitizenLabs, where they can research at eye level with professionals. At the same time, WILA Bonn helps promote citizen science among researchers and the local population.

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Jülich Research Centre at the CitizenLab

Like other German regions, the Aachen/Cologne/Bonn region, which as also home to the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS), is undergoing a transformation. The topic of energy and resources is based on the question what knowledge the population needs to transform towards a knowledge society on all levels, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Regina Eich-Brod
Dr. Regina Eich-Brod

Dr. Regina Eich-Brod,, +492461/6196990

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Wissenschaftsladen (WILA) Bonn e.V. at CitizenLab

WILA Bonn, founded in 1984, aims to contribute towards an intergenerational approach to social challenges such as climate change or species loss and to create more equitable social conditions. This can only succeed if many people get active and are enabled to shape their surroundings. That’s why WILA Bonn brings together people with different skillsets and experiences. It uses suitable methods to disseminate knowledge and develops new, workable solutions – hand in hand and eye to eye. The main donors of WILA Bonn include ministries, the EU Commission and foundations.

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Franziska Böhm

Franziska Böhm,, +49228/2016132