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Language Exchange project with the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Since 2013, the Language Centre, together with the Natural Sciences department, has offered an annual language exchange project with our partner university in Nijmegen, the HAN, (Hogeschool van Arnhen en Nijmegen, Hochschule von Arnheim und Nimwegen).

The project is managed by Peter Kapec, our British co-ordinator of English for Natural Sciences. The exchange is open to all first-year science students. Even though the original focus of the project is to practise English, we also welcome students who would like to practise other languages. Every year, between 25 and 35 students from each university take part in the exchange. Participants are given new tasks every week to discuss with their partners. The results are then discussed in larger groups or posted on a chat, along with photos and other contributions.

HAN-BRS Exchange Project (Nimwegen) (DE)

This project is also interesting because our Biology students have the opportunity to study at the HAN for one semester in Semester 5, and HAN students also come to study at our university as part of our partner university program.

Nijmegen is a bustling student city full of bars and other attractions. The highlight of the project is when our students travel up to Nijmegen on an overnight trip to visit the HAN and meet their partners. Food and accommodation are laid on, and the students and their partners have the opportunity to discover the city on Friday night and go shopping on the Saturday. Similarly, the HAN students also travel down to Germany to meet up with their partners again, usually when the Christmas market is on in Bonn.


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