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Cultural events organised by the International Office: An excursion to Frankfurt

Kulturprogramm IO_Tagesausflug nach Frankfurt

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Every semester, the International Office organises interesting cultural events and excursions for international students. Some of these are an integral part of the German course "German Conversation - Culture and History (B1)" and students prepare them in the course and evaluate them in the course afterwards. On 25 November 2023, 45 international students - including 9 from the German course mentioned above - went to Frankfurt with the coordinators Birgit Henn (International Office) and Stephanie Cramer (Language Centre).
Kulturprogramm IO_Tagesausflug nach Frankfurt
Building of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt

Student Yana Milenova Taseva (International Business) reports:

“What kind of city is Frankfurt? What is special about it? Those were my questions before my first trip to this magical city. If they are also your questions, read this short article to get an idea!

The first thing I remember is the sight of the wonderful skyscrapers and their incredible architecture. Later, when we started our city tour, my amazement increased when I noticed the contrast between the (recently) rebuilt Old Town (with its lovely Christmas market atmosphere) and the metropolitan and modern feel of the city.

Kulturprogramm IO_Tagesausflug nach Frankfurt
The “Eiserne Steg”

The location on the Main was also impressive, the "Eiserner Steg" bridge with its many love locks is particularly charming.

Kulturprogramm IO_Tagesausflug nach Frankfurt
Participants on the viewing platform of the cathedral

St. Bartholomew's Cathedral, made of red sandstone, evoked strong feelings in me with its beautiful Gothic architecture and the music of its huge pipe organ. The church tower has a 360-degrees view of Frankfurt from a height of 100 meters. All I have to say that getting to the top is very interesting, but also quite strenuous.

It is up to you whether you want to make the effort, but I assure you that the view is well worth it :)