Working Opportunities

If you have a student visa you may work around 120 days (8hrs/day) a year. There are several possible working opportunities. If you want to work in an international company, it might not be necessary to speak German. But as soon as you are dealing with customers, German is a must.

Also, please check Jobbörse (German), which is a database from the unemployment agency or visit a (German). Search here either for Bonn, Köln or Sankt Augustin to find information about the local job market.



During your studies here, you may do an internship. Please note, that some internships are not paid.



A lot of German companies provide paid internships; however, most require German proficiency.



The ESG (Evangelical Study Community) supports international students, who want to do an internship in their home country. If you get accepted, they'll pay for the flight (max. 1280 EUR) an give you at least 300 to 500 EUR as reimbursement. (German)



Most international organisations in Bonn offer unpaid internships; However, short unpaid internship are always helpful in building your professional network and acquiring part time job on the basis of your internship experiences. Many UN organisations follow the same rule. Click here for more information.



We have a lot of students, who work while they are studying. The University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and our Department offer part-time jobs for enrolled students.

Language Schools

  • Language Schools are always looking for native speakers. In addition you can approach families and individuals interested in learning your native language by posting small advertisements on notice boards normally found in super markets and public places.

International Kindergartens

Restaurants and, Bar’s and Hotels

  • Irish Pubs are always looking for staff
  • Working in Fast-Food Restaurants
  • Hotels with International reputation such as the Maritim and the Grand Kameha in Bonn always need bilingual staff


The United Nations organisations host several meetings and conferences around the year for instance major Climate Change Conferences always held Germany during May/June and in November/December. They are always looking for paid helpers with fluent UN languages such as English, Spanish, French, Arabic. Organisations such as GIZ and other development organisations also need trainers for coaching German staff recruited for international assignments. These trainers are expected to provide training on intercultural competencies and organizational behaviors.

Creative approaches

  • Become a Tutor. Offer home based tuition in international languages you are fluent in.
  • Provide services, like braiding hair
  • Mobile manicure/pedicure service
  • Housing & Garden Cleaning