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Social Protection (MSc)

MSc Social Protection Brown Bag Lunch Series

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Monthly Practical Insights

Social protection experts provide exciting insights into practice and research in short lunch break meetings. This adds a practical perspective for the students, showcases possible career paths, and allows for informal networking. Partners in practice benefit from access to young and diverse talent, exciting discussions and the opportunity to get a platform for current topics.

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Brown Bag Lunch "Report from Humanitarian Work in Ukraine" // Damla Çalik

Damla is a Community Center Advisor in Kyiv, Ukraine with the German Red Cross and MSc Social Protection student. She has previously worked with the Turkish Red Cross as a case worker, protection officer and project manager on a Conditional Cash Transfer for Education for Refugees (CCTE)- Child Protection Component, and Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN)- Protection and Livelihood - Irregular Migration Component. During the brown bag lunch, she will report from her latest posting and the situation in the Ukraine. 

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Damla Calik

Brown Bag Lunches Winter Semester 2023/24

Sayanti Sengupta

February 16, 2024: "Lessons of Using Social Insurance in Crises in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Sayanti Sengupta (Alumna Batch 2018, Independent Consultant for Social Protection & Climate)

Our alumna Sayanti concisely used case studies to report on how social insurance helps to protect people in sub-Saharan Africa during crises and thereby draws from her experience as a freelance technical social protection advisor. She has already given this short presentation at our alumni seminar in Tanzania, which captivated our local partners. We have invited her again so that our current students and colleagues can also benefit from her expertise and network with her.

Carlos Alberto Gerzon Riveros

January 30, 2024: "Adaptive Social Protection in Colombia"

Carlos Alberto Garzon Riveros (Professor at Universidad de la Sabana & Public and Private Alliances, and International Cooperation Advisor at Prosperidad Social)

In the third brown bag lunch of the winter semester, Carlos gave an overview of the social protection system in Colombia and explained the term adaptive social protection in this context. He derived lessons learned, limitations and challenges to consolidate an Adaptive Social Protection System (SPSA) in Colombia.

Amirhosein Rhabari

"Social Protection and Climate Change Adaption: The Case Study of The Philippines"

Amirhosein Rhabari (Alumni Batch 2020, Independent Consultant for Social Protection)

Our alumn Amir(hosein) introduced his award-winning master's thesis research. He developed a comprehensive framework for assessing the convergence of social protection and climate change adaptation (SP-CCA nexus) across policy, coordination, financing, and program levels by conducting an extensive desk review and key informant interviews. In the seminar, Amir gave an overview of his systematic evaluation of the SP-CCA nexus within the Philippines' context, culminating in a set of recommendations for system enhancement.

Anas Ghonaim

Including Migrant Workers in National Social Security Systems

Anas Ghonaim (Alumni Batch 2018, Independent Consultant for Social Protection & Journalist)

In his presentation, our alumn Anas went through his research collaboration with the ILO Arab States regional office on the inclusion of migrant workers in national social security systems and reforming end-of-service indemnity in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The presentation included migration-related definitions, demographics analysis of international migrant population, ILO minimum standards and principles for the inclusion of migrants in social protection, and the case study of migrant workers’ inclusion in GCC countries.

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