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Vice President Transfer, Innovation and Sustainability (VP4)

H-BRS Sustainability

News and review

18 March 2024

Dr Simone Bernatzky will start her professorship in July 2024 in the teaching and research area: "Sustainability and Controlling". She would like to establish sustainability as a key topic in the Department of Economics.

14 March 2024

Report by WDR-Lokalzeit on the project "MIAAS - Mobility Intelligence as a Service" with Paul Bossauer.

13 March 2024

Due to bark beetle infestation, many trees have had to be felled in recent years. Reforesting destroyed forest areas is very expensive and time-consuming. Drones can make reforestation easier. The scientists are now carrying out practical tests so that a prototype of such a drone can be completed by the end of 2026.

28 February 2024

Articles ordered via interlibrary loan are now delivered digitally. Since March 1, 2024, the library has made ordered articles available for download as PDFs.

20 February 2024

More trees, more green spaces, more seating, better quality of stay: the remodelling of the campus grounds has begun. It mainly affects areas that are currently paved or otherwise sealed.

4 January 2024

In the "NAkSU" research project (new analysis methods for complex safety and environmental data), initial data is being collected using mobile and stationary sensors. The climate data is used to determine changes and influencing factors in the area of microclimate, for example through large-scale construction measures, and to make climate developments predictable.

3 January 2024

Environmental and biodiversity research with citizen participation at H-BRS: Zukunftsfonds NRW is supporting the project "Participatory insect research through creative citizen participation in museums (PInBiM)". With the help of visualization and 3D scanning methods, citizens are to be involved in the collection and research of insect populations. The project partners are the Museum Koenig Bonn and the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB).

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15 December 2023

Doctorate on "Material and system development for the integration of metal hydride-based hydrogen storage in gas-to-power systems".

15 December 2023

Markus Loewe is an expert on social protection in low- and middle-income countries. He conducts research on social security systems in developing and emerging countries at the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) in Bonn.

14 December 2023

Collaboration between committed gardeners from the Rhein-Sieg district and scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the International Center for Sustainable Development

13 December 2023

NRW university network: Second parliamentary breakfast in the NRW state parliament with representatives of the Sustainability Alliance for Applied Sciences (NAW.NRW) and members of the state parliament.

6 December 2023

SWR2 interview about Paul Crutzen with Prof. Meilinger: "From the hole in the ozone layer to the Anthropocene"

5 December 2023

From the hole in the ozone layer to the Anthropocene - Prof. Stefanie Meilinger in an SWR2 interview about Paul Crutzen

3 December 2023

Professors Katja Bender and Stephanie Meilinger presented the EnerSHelF project, which was completed in spring 2023, at COP28 in Dubai. The example of Ghana was used to show the role that photovoltaics can play in supplying energy to healthcare facilities.

16 November 2023

5th lecture series of the NAW.NRW in WS 2023/24

"Space travel as the basis for the sustainable management of our planet"
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernd Dachwald from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at FH Aachen