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Department of Management Sciences

Chinese-German Double Degree Programme B.Sc. Business Management (discontinued)

Our cooperative Chinese German double degree programme B.Sc. Business Management was a special offer for Chinese prospective students. In a cooperation with Hunan University in Changsha, students have two degrees in Business Administration after an average of four and a half years; one at Hunan University, one at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. Admission to the programme ended with the 2018/2019 cohort. The students of this year are expected to successfully complete their studies in 2023.

tianjia_jiang_und_zhuochai_22_studierende_der_hunan_universitaet_victory_fingers_20150914_foto_m._flacke_cut.jpg (DE)

The first two years of study took place at Hunan University and include the basics of business administration and intensive German language courses. The second phase of the programme takes place at the H-BRS; it includes a comprehensive study of business administration and continued language courses in German. After graduation, graduates are experts in sustainable management and intercultural communication and proficient in two foreign languages. The degree offers excellent career prospects and entitles students to enrol in Master's programmes around the world.

Admission Requirements

Students in the Chinese-German double degree programme went through a highly selective admission process in two steps.

First, applicants were enrolled at Hunan University after passing the Chinese Central University Admission Examination ("gao kao"). This guarantees a very high academic competence of all applicants, as Hunan University is one of the very best universities in China.

Subsequently, applicants for the Chinese-German double degree programme still had to undergo an oral and a written examination in English, which was conducted by H-BRS staff.