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Department of Management Sciences

LEA - Learning and working online

Didactic and teaching
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LEA is the university's central learning platform and was created by the library in the 2010/2011 winter semester. Notes relating to lectures/tutorials, online tests, videos and links are stored centrally in it, and it facilitates the communication and exchanging of information between students and their tutors via virtual learning groups, forums, wikis, and chat rooms. In addition, the library is gradually putting together an e-learning area in LEA as a repository of self-study materials. Whether it's in the field of mathematics, languages or soft skills, the e-learning facilities in LEA cover virtually every subject area and therefore help students to get started with their studies. LEA is already a hugely important part of the university, and the e-learning project is a real success story:

The number of online courses relating to lectures/tutorials is constantly growing. Whilst 120 LEA courses were offered in the first semester, in the 2013 summer semester there were already over 500 courses. The number of active LEA users is also constantly increasing. The library's e-learning team handles teaching and technical questions relating to e-learning proficiently and reliably. Products which are created to order, group training events, and one-to-one advice sessions round off the portfolio of services offered by the team.